Health & Safety Protocols

Our commitment to delivering a clean and safety enviroment through health and safety protocols.

Due to the increased Covid-19 cases in Indonesia, for our safety, health, and security, during the period of PPKM, hotel may close or limit the use of some facilities to maintain the healthy and safety of guest and staff members. Please kindly contact the hotel for further information to check your needs in using the services prior to your arrival.
To ensure your health and safety, we have taken certain measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
Before entering the hotel, guest will be required to:
1. Wear a mask in any public area of the hotel
2. Undergo body temperature checks (if the body temperature is above 37.3 Celsius, guest will not be allowed to enter)
3. Walk over a carpet soaked in disinfectant as directed by the security officer, in order to kill any virus or bacteria that may be present on the footwear soles
4. Use hand sanitizer before using public facilities such as door handles and EDC machines
5. We will also provide one set of PPE (mask and rubber gloves) at Front Office for the guest needs.

Another step to providing a safe environment, the following protocols will be implemented to our staff:
1. Undergo body temperature checks (If staff showing a temperature above 37.3 Celsius will not be allowed to enter the hotel)
2. All staff is fully vaccinated with at least one dose of vaccine
3. The footwear soles will be sprayed with disinfectant
4. Take a shower before starting and after completing shift
5. Wear only newly washed uniforms
6. Wear face shields and mask when directly serving guests face to face.


We also ensure that all areas of the hotel are regularly disinfected. The guest room will also be sterilized using Hydro Vacuum before the guest arrival. You will be able to enjoy breakfast at the restaurant. Buffet areas will be protected by sneeze guards, and our employees will assist you to make your selection in order to prevent direct contact. We advise you to always practice social distancing in accordance with the guidelines we have provided.

Thank you for your continued trust in Topotels Hotels & Resorts.

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