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We recognize that Human Capital is  the backbone of our company.



We recognize that Human Capital is not just one of the most important asset in hospitality industry, but it is also the backbone of our company.

HMJ International Indonesia – Topotels Hotels & Resorts has been carefully selected from the most respected and talented professionals in the industry. With more than 30 years of both local and international expriences, our Board of Directors and corporate team bring wealth of professionalism and perspectives in all aspects of the industry.

These knowledge, expriences and commitment for the industry are our company’s passion in bringing the management excellence towards all hotels in our network.

board of directors
Yonto Wongso

Before founded the hotel management company in 2012, his know-how in hospitality industry has been cultivated since 1986. Graduated from Business College in Sydney Australia, he held various positions in bank, steel manufacturer, trading, fishery and hospitality across Australia and inter Asia (mostly in Indonesia). With almost 19 years’ experience in one of the world largest international hotel chain, he has strong experience in both operations & development and has successfully expanded the hotel network within Indonesia & Malaysia.

board of directors
Rudin Ruslan
chief operating officer

Rudin Ruslan was gratuated from ABA Harapan Bangsa, now he has more than 26 years experinces in hotel industry. He specialized on operations hotel in Indonesia, which in here he has handle and maintain our operation hotels & resorts, which makes him feels challenging at the same time